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"Cru" by definition, is a vineyard or group of vineyards, especially one of recognized quality. It is a French wine term which is traditionally translated as "growth". These principles of growth, community, and premium quality build the foundation for which this company is founded upon. The executive team of CRU Property Management had extensive experience in various fields. In all areas, we apply the same fundamentals of growth by connecting with others to build enterprises & each other up.


CRU has formed a team of qualified individuals who execute this vision with passion & pride together. And so, that is how CRU Property Management began.

CRU Property Management, Inc. (“CRU”) is uniquely focused on providing an ideal experience for hotel owners. By choosing CRU Property Management you ensure that your investment is being managed by someone who has management as the primary focus of our business. Our company is enabled with organization efficiencies and numerous failsafe policies, as we have not lost our ability to provide extraordinary customer service and over two decades of property management experience.


We understand that different properties need different approaches to property management and our team is flexible and innovative. We look for opportunities to market outside of the box and we come together to create campaigns that offer viable effective solutions for marketing your hotel property in your region.


We specialize in turn around and development projects and you can take great pleasure in knowing that our experience is your success.

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